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Lake Jackson is located in north Paxton in Walton County.

Walton County’s Hidden Gems: Scenic Springs, Rivers, and More

Encompassing Freeport, Paxton and DeFuniak Springs, these communities are filled with incredible historic treasures and pastoral landscapes. Every experience here just feels genuine, with a friendly vibe that makes all visitors feel welcome.

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Events play a vital role in bringing communities together and fostering a sense of belonging. They provide opportunities for people to connect, celebrate local culture, and contribute to the vibrant fabric of their community. Whether it’s a farmers market, a parade, live music, or any other event – sharing details and encouraging participation can enhance community bonds and engagement.

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Sharing the stories of local businesses and the people behind them can have a positive impact on our community. By sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes, we’re not only supporting our neighbors’ endeavors but also creating a sense of unity and connection. When people know the faces and stories behind the businesses they frequent, it adds a personal touch and encourages a stronger sense of community involvement.

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Hwy 331 plays a crucial role in connecting our vibrant communities. Caring and sharing about our community not only builds great neighbors but also promotes a sense of pride. Being aware of the positive developments and achievements within each community can inspire collaboration, engagement, and a shared sense of progress.


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Join us as we connect local businesses and events to the people who travel Hwy 331. By providing engaging content, we bridge the gap between locals and visitors alike, ensuring everyone feels connected.