Our Communities Continue Traditional Parades

Jun 19, 2024 | Communities, DeFuniak Springs, Freeport, Walton & Beyond

Vintage image of a parade float

Parades have a storied history dating back to ancient civilizations.

Originally, they celebrated military victories and religious festivals, bringing communities together in a shared expression of pride, joy, and unity. Over time, parades evolved into celebrations of cultural identity, local traditions, and significant national holidays.

In small communities like ours, parades are more than just a spectacle—they are a vibrant expression of our shared heritage and community spirit. They connect us with our neighbors, local businesses, and organizations, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Miss DeFuniak 2022 at a 4th of July parade in DeFuniak Springs

In our rapidly changing world, traditional parades offer a unique opportunity to preserve the essence of community life. They provide a platform for:

  • Celebrating Local Culture: Showcasing the unique character and traditions of our community.

  • Building Connections: Bringing together residents, businesses, and visitors in a shared celebration.

  • Creating Memories: Offering fun and festive experiences that families and friends cherish year after year.

Fourth of July Parades in Walton County

Here in Walton County, the Fourth of July parades in Freeport and DeFuniak Springs are beloved traditions that highlight the best of our local spirit. These parades are a wonderful way to honor our nation’s independence while celebrating the unique charm of our community.

Child spectator at 4th of July Parade

We invite you to be part of these joyful celebrations—whether as a spectator or a participant.

  • As a Spectator: Experience the vibrant floats and festive atmosphere that make our parades so special. Bring your family and friends, wave your flags, and enjoy the patriotic pride that fills the air.

  • As a Business or Organization: Showcase your brand and community involvement by joining the parade. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with residents, celebrate local culture, and show your support for our community.

a photo of Eagle Springs Golf Course in DeFuniak Springs

Both parades will be July 4th at 4 p.m.


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