Say Hello to Defuniak Springs Mayor Bob Campbell

Sep 8, 2023 | Communities, DeFuniak Springs, Walton & Beyond

A picture of Mayor Bob Campbell of DeFuniak Springs

By Kerri Parker

Mayor Campbell’s journey over the past decade highlights the importance of perseverance, support from loved ones, and personal growth. His dedication to Defuniak Springs goes beyond political aspirations. His genuine passion for the town and its residents is the driving force behind his continued commitment to making positive changes. His willingness to step up and lead, even when tides turn against him, demonstrates his resilience and determination.

Mayor Campbell is no stranger to difficult situations. He admitted he once abandoned his faith for a few years after his daughter’s car wreck left her critically injured in 1990. “I was angry and I was wrong. That part of my life taught me a lot about redemption,” said Mayor Campbell. The role of his pastor, family and friends in encouraging and supporting him is a testament to the power of a strong support system. “Having people who believe in you, uplift you, and pray with you can make a significant difference in overcoming difficult circumstances,” said Mayor Campbell.

Now in his third term, Mayor Campbell reflects on how he has leaned into the advice of others who served before him. He often reaches out to past city employees for insight – showcasing his humility and willingness to learn from others. He acknowledges the importance of bringing in new ideas and perspectives (“new blood”) to the community for growth and innovation. However, he also emphasizes the significance of honoring the experience and wisdom of the older generation.

Mayor Campbell chooses to serve his role in a manner that reminds us that leadership is not solely about political experience, but about a deep sense of purpose, a strong desire to make a positive impact, and the willingness to learn and grow along the way.

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