Stinky’s Pompano Tournament Makes History

May 11, 2024 | Communities, Events, Walton & Beyond

Weigh in picture of winning redfish

Stinky’s Bait Shack Announces the Winners

14th Annual Pompano Tournament Fishing Tournament

The team at Stinky’s Bait Shack has tallied the results of the 14th Annual Stinky’s Pompano Fishing Tournament. The tournament registered more participants this year than ever – ranging from recreational fisher folks to professionals – locals and visitors alike. The tournament spanned over the course of five difficult weeks of fishing. 

The purse for the annual tournament was the highest payout ever with $7670 in cash and prizes.  “We love hosting our two annual fishing tournaments. It’s exciting to see returning and new participants compete for the win, ” said Chef Jim Richard, tournament originator and Stinky’s owner.

In the Stinky’s Pompano Fishing Tournament, the anglers fish for pompano foremost while entering in the calcuttas for Redfish and Whiting. Making the catch a little more challenging, several weeks of the tournament were tainted with unfavorable weather conditions.  Local fisherman Scott Risher took the largest portion of the purse this year. While winning the biggest purse of the longest running fishing tournament with the greatest amount of participation ever is an accomplishment worth celebrating, Risher also touts the championship title for Stinky’s Fall Pompano Beach to Bay Grand Slam Fishing Tournament in 2023. “For the first time ever we had a back to back winner  and we think that is pretty cool,” said Richard.

weigh in shot of pompano

Back to back wins are not the only history making news of the tournament. For the first time in Stinky’s Fishing Tournament history, tournament calcutta winners are mother and daughter. An extraordinary 7.16 pound Redfish caught by Susan Predella had the tournament weigh in team buzzing. “It’s always fun weighing in a fish that big. Everyone is happy,” says Lori Janowski, longtime tournament manager at Stinky’s Bait Shack. Predella’s daughter, Megan Todd landed the winning Whiting weighing in at 2.18 pounds. 

“My Mom caught her winning Redfish at night. It was a funny story. She called to tell me she caught a near 27” Redfish but she sounded disappointed. I asked her why and she told me it weighed only 3 pounds. I told her no way that is even possible – Your scale is broken mom! Sure enough, it was broken,” laughed Todd.

Redfish caught at night

I was with Megan when she caught her winning Whiting on the last day of the tournament.  Neither of us could believe how big it was and we were both jumping up and down and shouting on the beach,” says Predella.

The two were holding out for a hail mary hoping they would both be on the final leaderboard together. “We couldn’t believe it! We got my scale out – actually functioning properly – and started cheering when we saw it was a real contender.  Then we quickly high-talied it to Stinky’s for a last-minute weigh in and some celebratory margaritas,” says Todd. The mother and daughter winnings are a serendipitous segway to Mother’s Day celebrations aptly proceeding their leaderboard debut.

Holding the winning Whiting

“Our team works tirelessly to kickoff the fishing tournaments twice a year. With our primary business being the restaurants, we somehow have a team that loves the endless parties with live music and throwing these worthy fishing tournaments. From our team, the sponsors, the anglers to all the supporters –  It’s all about our community,” says Richard. 

With a portion of proceeds benefiting South Walton Artificial Reef Association, the sponsors and hosts have created fun opportunities to support unique resources in Walton County. “It’s a win-win no matter the catch,” says Richard. 

The 14th Annual Stinky’s Pompano Tournament Winners

1st Place Adult,  Scott Risher –  3.61 lbs.

2nd Place Adult, Jeff Bryan – 3.54 lbs.

3rd Place Adult, Lauren Gaughan – 3.43 lbs.


1st Place Youth, Graham Streeter- 2.71 lbs.

2nd Place Youth, Jaxson Meijer – 2.49 lbs.

3rd Place Youth, Parker Martic – 2.09 lbs.


1st Place Professional, Sid Little – 3.85 lbs.

2nd Place Professional, Blake Hunter – 3.79lbs.

3rd Place Professional, Cody Clauson – 3.74lbs.


Calcutta Categories:

Red, Susan Predella 7.16 lbs.

 Whiting, Megan Todd – 1.63 lbs. 

Pompano, Sid Little – 3.85 lbs.

1st Place Youth

If you missed out on the Stinky’s Pompano Tournament, be sure to mark your calendar for each chance to join in on the action. The 11th Annual Stinky’s Fall Pompano Beach to Bay Grand Slam Tournament will kick off in October, 2024. 

The 15th Annual Stinky’s Pompano Tournament will kick off as Stinky’s Fish Camp celebrates its 18th Anniversary, March 30th, 2025. The kick off party is the event of the year for those who love live music, a crawfish boil and a good time. Both tournament registration notices will be announced on their social channels and website. You can follow Stinky’s Bait Shack on Instagram @stinkysbaitshop and Facebook @stinkysbaitshack and visit their website at

For more information about the Stinky’s Pompano Tournament, please contact Lori at Stinky’s Bait Shack, (850) 622-2248. Hours of operation daily from 7 AM to 9 PM.

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